Manually Checking for Windows Updates on Windows 7 – Quick

Sometimes a slow computer and/or some errors and issues are simply a matter of installing your windows updates.

Here’s the quick and easy way on Windows 7

Press the windows key -> just start typing “windows update” -> Then press enter or click the tile for windows update.

Then, if there’s already updates pending as shown, click to install or download and install the pending batch, then reboot, and repeat until there’s no pending updates.

After that, click the “Check for Updates” link in the left column.

This should be done after ANY BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) or ANY error where a program stops responding.

Windows automatically (on an internet connected machine) checks to see if the BSOD or error is a symptom of a known Windows issue that has an update, but it won’t necessarily apply the update until you tell Windows to do so.

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