About Penumbra PC

We are Wesley Weaver and Anastazia Nichole.

Penumbra PC is the manifestation of needing a more cost effective way to manage a bunch of computers for the media services company Penumbra Productions.

After changing direction with Penumbra Productions and gaining a few very loyal customers Penumbra PC was forced from being an in house IT department to a legitimate business.

We originally started out just trying to source parts and quickly we found people calling us for help with any number of IT related issues from security, to parts, to repair, to networking.

After getting into the networking side extensively we have worked hard to provide top notch customer service which has led to a customer base that has outgrown the income that Penumbra Productions was able to.

Penumbra Productions continues to provide media services to the elite few who can afford our services in Kitsap, but our business model has pushed far into the IT field in terms of day to day productivity.